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Tiger Punch, September 28th. Juventus drew 2-2 away with Rome early this morning. The coach Pirlo suffered the first tough battle. In the end, Juventus relied on Ronaldo to score twice under the unfavorable situation of 10 players. After getting a point, Pirlo also talked about the team's performance in an interview after the game.


The following is Pirlo’s interview with Juventus TV:


This is an important point. We gave a wonderful response when we were behind 1-2 and played one less player. They recovered the way they were good at the game, showed the right mental state, and controlled the situation. It might even be a little more risky to continue the attack, but in the end we decided to hold one point. Although this draw made us take a step back, this is still a team under construction.


Very big, we can also see this from the Inter Milan game last night, they changed five people and won the game, we also used four substitutions today. One thing to keep in mind is that Artur hasn’t played for six months and Bentankul has just recovered from injury. They played well yesterday, but they need more time and more training. , Rest to get back to the best condition.

很大,我们也可以从昨晚的国际米兰比赛中看到这一点,他们换了5个人赢得了比赛,今天我们也使用了4次换人。要记住的一件事是,阿图尔(Artur)缺席了六个月,而本坦库(Bentankul)刚从伤病中恢复过来。他们昨天打得不错,但他们需要更多时间和更多训练。 ,休息以恢复最佳状态。

Yes, he is an international player who has played for Real Madrid and Manchester City, so he can come to Juventus because of his strength and his current performance has reached the level he should be. I chose Danilo to play this position. Because his technical characteristics meet my requirements.


The pressure brought by Roma was mainly in the first half. We also anticipated that many of their players can participate in the attack. My strategy is to also arrange more attacking players, play more aggressively, raise the formation and compress it. Space, sometimes it is very successful, but sometimes it is not so effective. We don't have a warm-up match to practice these content, so the competition is also a test for us.


I have never tried it before, because there is no chance to compete, so unfortunately I can only try it in official competitions. I think Kulusevsky can be competent in many positions. He played both on the left and right, and he has been to the center. He is very helpful to the team.


We all know what Ronaldo can do, and we are also happy that Ronaldo is a Juventus player.


That will be another important game. The opponent is a team that gets stronger and stronger. We will play in our own way, but now the important thing is to rest and adjust the state of the team before Sunday.


Part of the Sky post-match interview:


"Our staffing is more suitable for playing double midfielders. For example, Rabiot, the team does not have Regista or Mezzala (these two positions refer to the midfielder in the inverted triangle midfield system and the other two midfielders. Central midfielder), maybe McKenney is a Mezzala, but in general I think these players will be more suitable for a double midfielder system."


"We have too little time to practice. Morata only came two days ago, and both Atul and Ventakur also need time to find the rhythm of the game."


"Inter Milan is stronger than Juventus? I don’t know if it’s better than us. Anyway, I told the players that substitutions are very important now. Whoever plays has the opportunity to change the game."


"C Ronaldo worked very hard on the field and deserved to score. He ran a lot in the 10-man challenge. This has also played a role model for other players."

“ C罗纳尔多在球场上非常努力,值得得分。他在10人挑战赛中跑了很多。这也为其他球员树立了榜样。”

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